Choose to control your information in the network
Many information and articles about the work of artists are often available on the Internet without the persons concerned being really aware of what is happening. Having an official channel that tells in a comprehensively and personalized way about their work and place on Google an accurate selection of materials is the right step to offer the correct vision of the personal image of the artists.
Promote your business in the best possible way
The world of art is rapidly evolving as well as digitalizing. In order to gain a great visibility and not miss the opportunities offered by this change, galleries need fast and simple websites which are well placed on internet browsers too; we can support them spreading their own information by using newsletters and small advertising campaigns of digital marketing. We offer a product for cataloguing and archiving art works: it is quick, easy and intuitive to avoid wasting time with too difficult solutions.
Museums and collections
Digital and art professionals at your service
Working in the art industry at a digital level demands experience and skills which go beyond those that are purely technical. For this reason, we have been collaborating for a long time with professionals in the field and manage to realize high-level products for people who need to meet an always more demanding and prepared audience: Museums, Institutions, Foundations, and Associations working for the Art, will find in us tailored digital solutions for their needs.
Store your collection with a product tailored made for you
Every collector needs a cataloguing system specifically for his works. But people often have instruments which are difficult to use and suitable for pretty different purposes. Our software instead, created for cataloguing and archiving works, is customised to your desires and can be adapted to whatever collection.