Peter Kilchmann

Galerie Peter Kilchmann was founded in 1992 in Zurich, Switzerland. The gallery is internationally active and has three main focuses: Latin America, sociopolitical engaged art and painting.

Francesco Arena

Weights, distances, surfaces or phrases determine the artworks shape and size of an artist who moves through sculpture, poor art and minimalism.

Associazione Spadari

Website of the Giangiacomo Spadari Association, which aims to create an archive organized according to museum criteria, in which all the works authenticated by the Scientific Committee are cataloged.

Archivio Valentino Vago

Creation of the archive website of the Italian painter of the light and the invisible: Valentino Vago.

Luca Di Maggio

Website of Luca Di Maggio street artist, who tells of his landscapes, murals and bicycles, symbol of life, movement and exertion.

Associazione Sergio Sarri

Realization of the website of Sergio Sarri's association who will archive the works of one of the masters of Italian pop art.

Emilio Isgrò

The archive website of the great conceptual Italian author of the erasure displays images, news and events related to the life of who is now an historized artist.


A website offering online painting lessons led by the Italian master Ercole Pignatelli. It has different levels of detail (base, intermediate, advanced). The base level is free for people who register.

Luca Pignatelli

The website of the international artist Luca Pignatelli portrayes through big paintings glimpses of history and travels.

Sergio Sarri

The website of the pop master Sergio Sarri tells of his life, masterpieces and explores the industrial research and the human machine interaction always present in his works.

Eugenio Tibaldi

The website of the Artist Eugenio Tibaldi, who has always been attracted by the dynamics underlying the urban marginal areas.

Fabrizio Cotognini

The website of the Marches illustrator and conceptual artist Fabrizio Cotognini examines his archetypes and the artist books in the history and science of the art.

Prometeo Gallery

The Prometeogallery website, referring to Milano and Lucca, tells in detail of his own initiatives and the stories of team.